SkyWatchTV and Gilbert House Ministries are delighted to announce that Derek and Sharon Gilbert will join the SkyWatch TV network team beginning in March, 2015. (Click here to listen to PID Radio announce the BIG NEWS.)

Gary Stearman and Sharon Gilbert on the set of SkyWatchTV

The Gilberts are already well-known to most of the Raiders News and SkyWatch TV faithful. The couple began an online ministry in 2005 before the term ‘podcasting’ became a household world. Their interview programs, PID Radio and View from the Bunker provide weekly content to tens of thousands of listeners across the globe. And their newest program, Gilbert House Fellowship, provides a weekly intense study of God’s word to thousands of listeners who have no home church.

Derek Gilbert is also the author of two popular novels, The God Conspiracy and Iron Dragons, and is a contributing author to Defender Publishing’s non-fiction works God’s Ghostbusters and Blood on the Altar. He’s a lifelong Cubs fan, prefers glasses to contacts, and has been seen in public singing the high part in barbershop quartets. Derek has always been fascinated by the way things work. It was the evidence for the authenticity of the New Testament that awakened him to the spiritual battle raging around us. It is this battle that inspires him—and it is this daily determination, along with a remarkable talent for interviewing any guest on any topic that Gilbert brings to SkyWatch TV. (more…)

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Our good friends, Gary Stearman and Bob Ulrich have launched a brand new ministry, and here’s a sneak peak:


To learn how to donate and get your free book, Time Travelers of the Bible by Gary Stearman, go here: The Prophecy Watchers.

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